Hi I’m Stacey Welchley. I grew up in New Orleans, and was infused with the idea that art, wine and celebrating were meant to be together.  After my time in the US Navy, I eventually moved to Houston, TX.  A life-long love of hand drawn animation brought me to reverse painting and that has become my primary art medium.

I paint on layers of plexi-glass.  Details and highlights are painted first then the mid-ground and finally the background. At the end, I turn the painting over and the true face of the artwork is revealed.  The image seems to float inside a transparent canvas. The depth and the shadows turn what would otherwise be a flat image into a dynamic, engaging piece of artwork.

Request a Commisson

I love to create personalized pieces of artwork.  With your ideas and my know how, let’s create a painting that you will love to hang in your home, office, or give to someone special.  Take a look at some of the pieces I have done to get some ideas.  I can add your stemware, colors, names etc. and we will go from there.  The possibilities are endless and you will have a one-of-a-kind original painting.

I want to request a commission!